A Little More Interesting



In 2007 we opened a sex positive store called A Little More Interesting (www.alittlemoreinteresting.com). The response from Calgary was phenomenal. We were continually asked why we didn’t carry lingerie and the truth was, as a sex-positive store, we were all inclusive. We didn’t want anyone to feel badly. We didn’t want to bring in lingerie unless we could make ALL women feel good.To us, lingerie isn’t about imitating the ‘Hollywood – ideal body’. Lingerie is about helping women to feel great in the skin they are in. We are committed to carrying lingerie in sizes sexy to sexy plus. We bring in different lingerie for different body types, because, at the end of the day, what looks good on one women might look horrific on another. We try to bring in different pieces for small busted, large busted, plus-size or totally petite women. If you have to ask us if something looks good, it might not be for you. When you are in the right lingerie, you know it. (Oh, and you’ll know it later that evening.)